Capacity CALA | 5 – 6 Dec ’23

Welcome to the industry’s largest and most prestigious awards event! For 17 years, we’ve been recognizing the best people, projects, and teams who put innovation at the heart of this vibrant industry sector.

BICSI Winter Conference | 28 Jan – 1 Feb ’24

You can expect unrivalled networking opportunities with major players from across the North American market as well as a ground-breaking conference schedule featuring the most influential players in 2023.

Q&A with Managing Director, Mike Meyer

Mike, you have wide-ranging experience in digital infrastructure and great success in a variety of sectors both in and related to data centres. What about the opportunity to join Portman Partners enticed you most? It’s been a personal challenge to search out and...

The ‘Great Resignation’

Author Dr. Terri Simpkin, Portman Partners Associate The ‘Great Resignation’ More bad news, or an opportunity in disguise? There’s a lot of talk about the global workforce and the movement of people within it. But, while the issue of skills, labour...

Radical Candour

Authored by Terri Simpkin, Portman Partners Associate Cultivating Candor – To Be a Good Leader, You Must Be a Good Human It’s a well-used adage in the digital infrastructure sector that no one walked into their careers advice counsellor and declared, ‘I...