Data center candidates are you looking for your next job? Portman Partners is a niche data center & digital infrastructure search firm and we specialise in senior level appointments across the vast range of specialisms within these sectors. We are the sector leaders, working with top clients from the data center, internet, and cloud infrastructure sectors.

Portman Partners work on a retained basis with our clients, they appoint us to find and recruit top-level talent for their organizations. Due to the nature of our engagement with our clients we can share important information right at the start of the search process.

Unique in our field, we are dedicated to finding top talent and work with private equity & venture capital investors, hyperscale operators, regional colocation, edge data centers, designers, consultants, construction firms, plant and equipment manufacturers, and technology companies globally.

Portman Partners offer a fixed fee retained only search with full screening and due diligence delivering rapid results through our global network. 


“Portman Partners understands the unique requirements of the data center and cloud sector. I am confident in their expertise, they will find you the top executives for your business.”




Portman prioritizes transparency throughout the process. First and foremost, we disclose the client’s identity. Additionally, we provide all relevant information and, crucially, seek your approval before adding you to the client shortlist.

A thorough evaluation:

Portman is renowned for its comprehensive evaluation process. This involves assessing skills, experience, and areas of impact through various methods such as due diligence, telephone or video interviews, in-person interviews, reference checks, and other assessments.


Portman recognizes the sensitivity of executive-level job searches. With great care, we maintain confidentiality throughout the process, ensuring your information and job search details remain private. We prioritize your consent before sharing any information.

Timely communication:

Although the search process may take time, Portman is committed to providing timely communication about your candidacy status. We’ll keep you informed, promptly notifying you of any updates or changes during the process.

Guidance and support:

As experts in executive recruiting, Portman Partners offer continuous guidance and support throughout your job search. We assist in interview preparation, negotiate job offers, and provide valuable insights into the hiring company and its culture.

A professional and respectful experience:

Recognizing the significance of career decisions for data center candidates, Portman ensures professionalism and respect in every interaction. We commit to offering feedback, answering questions, and providing guidance in a courteous and helpful manner.

In summary, Portman Partners guarantees data center candidates a superior level of professionalism, confidentiality, and support throughout the entire job search process.

I have worked with a number of recruitment consultants but Mike is one of the very best I have come across. His knowledge of the client and relationship he creates enables him to fully understand the needs and expectations. Mike is also extremely good at communication as I never felt out of the loop in what was going on. I would highly recommend Mike and Portman Partners for both candidates and employers.”

— JOHN OLPHIN, VP Construction & Implementation AT RAXIO

Equal Opportunity Employer

Portman Partners is committed to being an equal opportunities firm and employer. We are resolute in ensuring that no applicant or employee faces less favorable treatment based on factors such as gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, or race. Furthermore, we strive to eliminate disadvantages arising from conditions or requirements that cannot be justified.