Data center executive search and recruitment specialists, dedicated to assembling future-ready data center leadership teams worldwide.

When faced with the task of finding the ideal candidate to fill a vacancy on your executive board, in a senior team, or for a specialist position, it is crucial to engage the services of a consultancy with an intimate inside knowledge of the digital infrastructure sector. This sector encompasses various domains, including cloud, data centers, hyperscale, edge computing, IoT, AI, and the broader digital economy that it supports.

Recruiting for C-Level executive and leadership positions goes beyond conventional hiring practices. In this specialized realm, Portman adopts a distinctive approach, drawing on the unique ability to leverage its partners‘ and associates‘ extensive experience and personal contacts. These connections have been cultivated over forty years of designing, building, and operating digital infrastructure facilities.

Furthermore, Portman combines this wealth of experience with their extensive executive search expertise. This synergy ensures that when seeking senior-level candidates for any assignment, the consultancy handles the process with the discretion, sensitivity, and confidentiality that executive assignments demand. Clients and candidates alike can trust that Portman is dedicated to managing all aspects of the recruitment process with the utmost professionalism.

“Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.”



Portman boasts an extensive network of senior executives, a resourceful pool ready to bring a wealth of experience to assist other organizations during periods of growth or change.

An NED (Non-Executive Director) member of a company’s board of directors holds a unique position. Although not part of the executive team, they actively participate in policy-making and planning processes. Furthermore, shareholders may, at times, specifically require NEDs to represent their interests at the board level. In addition, the strategic introduction of an NED can prove instrumental for some clients, serving as a catalyst to propel the business to new levels of success.

“Portman understand today’s challenges with sourcing top talent in a booming industry and took the time to understand the nuances of our culture and present candidates that would fit both with our company and the role.” 



For the short to medium term, interim executives provide a valuable solution by offering experienced and highly qualified senior leaders for fixed-term, full-time assignments, typically ranging between six months and a year. At Portman, we understand the dynamic nature of the business landscape, and on short notice, we stand ready to support our clients in Data Center Executive Search with interim executives. This strategic approach ensures seamless continuity, especially during critical phases such as mergers and acquisitions, business transformations, or periods requiring adept crisis management.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”



The digital infrastructure sector is garnering global investor interest, and rightfully so. However, venturing into unfamiliar businesses, exploring new regions, countries, and territories can be daunting and risky for newcomers. Furthermore, launching new products and services demands a profound understanding of the market dynamics and competition. Similarly, engaging in mergers and acquisitions necessitates the execution of rigorous due diligence.

In light of these challenges, our intimate knowledge of the sector on a global scale becomes pivotal. It ensures that exemplary leadership is strategically in place to represent the investors’ interests effectively. This, in turn, safeguards and augments the value of associated investments.

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”