Mapping Data Centre Standards

Author: Emma Fryer

This standards map is not intended to be exhaustive and is currently being updated to reflect changes since 2017, so please look out for a new version from September 2019. The idea is to demonstrate how comprehensive current coverage is, so standards are mapped by specificity on the y axis, against the life cycle stage on the x-axis.

The map demonstrates an advanced degree of standards development for such a young industry and suggests that the sector is strongly self-policing. In an industry that competes on resilience, this is perhaps not surprising.

However, the map also shows us that the landscape is complex and coverage is uneven. In some areas, there are multiple overlapping standards, especially design. In other areas, there are very few standards – such as disposal. In terms of specificity, there are plenty of data centre standards but once you get inside the data centre itself, the picture is again more mixed, with a clear focus on M&E and hardware but nothing, as far as we can see, relating to software.

This blog was originally written by Emma Fryer, Associate Director at industry trade body techUK. You can find the original blog here.