Reducing the carbon footprint! Today, climate change is widely understood to be an extinction-level event, and the digital infrastructure industry has endured attacks from activists and media. While we know much of that criticism is undeserved, we realize the sector bears a great amount of responsibility, not only for addressing its own energy consumption and carbon emissions, but as leaders and an example for sustainability for all industries.

“Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen.”



When it comes to sustainable business practices, datacenters and other digital infrastructure companies are some of the most forward-thinking and responsible. From new sustainable builds to the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable resources in its facilities, its innovation will inspire other industries to move forward faster, and the technologies it develops will help them do so.

Portman Partners is committed to the future of the industry and the planet, and we believe sustainability must be embedded into the core of every digital infrastructure company’s values and must demonstrate sustainable practices in its actions.

We have built a pipeline of senior-level executives with the talent, commitment to the cause, and experience to fill sustainability focused positions on your senior leadership teams, and work with clients to help them create new C-level sustainability positions where there aren’t any. Our team will help yours meet the moment and the challenge.

PORTMAN PARTNERS is the global leader in senior-level talent acquisition for the evolving digital infrastructure sector.